Considering a Replacement MacBook

Considering a Replacement MacBook

I may purchase a used MacBook Pro that I will use for Sales activities, and maybe some development.

I want the display to be goof for presentations and like the 1T disk of this machine:

I need to port over data from my 500GB MacBook SSD, so how exactly do I do that? I back up my disk to four different external hard disks, so I presume I need to just restore from a current backup to the new machine. Is that the best way?

I also need to run Windows, which I do with Parallels, and sometimes may do some Windows development with Visual Studio. I presume this hardware cold do this reasonably?

Aside form this, are there any reasons you can suggest me getting a better machine? Can I upgrade the RAM to 16GB, for example?

Currently, I survive with a 13" MacBook from Mid-2012 and 8GB RAM, but it seems slow and often pops up the multi-colored wagon wheel icon as the processor can not keep up wth the request.

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8GB is not enough if you want to run a VM.  4GB will allow you to run one or two apps or maybe a handful of browser pages.  You'll have to quit apps to open up other apps.  You really need 6GB for newer OS X.  8 GB will let you run fine if you're not running a VM.  You could do Bootcamp.  You also can't upgrade the RAM on these.  If you want 16 GB, you need to buy 16 GB RAM.  The SSDs are upgradeable, but RAM isn't.  You can also buy flush mount 128 GB USB flash drives to expand your storage and 128 GB SD cards that mount flush in those macs.

Currently, I survive with a 13" MacBook from Mid-2012 and 8GB RAM, but it seems slow and often pops up the multi-colored wagon wheel icon as the processor can not keep up wth the request.
Which OS X do you have running on it?  If you have Mavericks, you should upgrade.  Mavericks is a Memory hog.  Yosemite, less so.  El Capitan and Sierra manages RAM and cache much better so that you can run more things.  Open up Activity Monitor and see how much RAM you're using.  Are you using swap?  That's probably why it's slow, even if you have a SSD.  

Reset your PRAM and SMC.  Then reinstall the OS without erasing the disk.  This will reinstall all the OS files, in case something got corrupt and is causing minor errors that might slow down your system.

My main suspicion is that you're running out of RAM and it's swapping to your HD or SSD, and slowing down everything.  If you're going to buy a replacement, then get one with 16 GB.

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