How is it controlled: while connected to corporate network, can't connect to 4G Wifi or while to corporate Wifi, can't connect to a LAN cross cable

When connecting to corporate LAN, it does not allow connection to 4G phone's Wifi & when connected to Corporate Wifi, it does not allow a LAN cable to be connected to another PC (or NAS) : how is this control implemented?  Curious if this is set at GPO or local registry or ??
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What do you mean when you say 'can't connect'?  does the interface come up and get an IP address or is it blocked at the physical layer?

We need a little more information about the problem

It may just be a data routing thing though.  If you have multiple connections, you need to look at the routing (usually just the default gateway) for traffic flow.
Bryant SchaperCommented:
I doubt it is Windows, but for example, we run Sophos Anti-virus and they have a device control that prevents bridging networks, we enable this for all our users, so they cannot connect to another network while on the corporate network and make their computer a bridge between the two instead the firewalls.

Not sure if you have something similar going on as I am sure not only Sophos supports this.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
>does the interface come up and get an IP address or is it blocked at the physical layer?
The interface connecting to public or 4G won't come up ie no IP address assigned to it

Does McAfee AV have this feature too?  Basically it's preventing bridging/routing between
corporate & public networks
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sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Oh I overlooked 1 thing: this feature is available on our Win 10 only & not Win 7:
in fact it doesn't allow both LAN & Wifi to be connected at the same time : if
LAN is connected, Wifi will show as 'Disconnected' : so where in Win10 is this feature?
Bryant SchaperCommented:
not sure about the windows feature, with Sophos the device is disabled.  McAfee may offer a similar solution and go about it differently.  Have asked your IT Security team?
At least based on an old version, McAfee AV does not have the ability this. Endpoint Security might be a different story. But also, I remember there being third party programs (like Lenovo Access Connections) that would take control of this also. But I do agree with Bryant's comment about checking with the team that would be in control of such, because they had to implement it somehow, even if the machines your company has happen to have settings that would let you do those types of things (not all systems for example have wireless cards that have settings to disable when ethernet is in use).

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