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Cannot Delete Directories on External USB after Robocopy

I'm sure this is a simple fix (I HOPE), but I just can't figure it out.

I have a Windows 2012 servcer here, latest patches and updates. I ran the following commands to copy local drives to an external USB 5T dsk:
robocopy C:\ G:\APOLLO2\C-DRIVE /mir /copyall /dcopy:T /R:1 /W:5 /MT:8 /ZB /log:"c:\Robocopy-C.log" /tee
robocopy D:\ G:\APOLLO2\D-DRIVE /mir /copyall /dcopy:T /R:1 /W:5 /MT:8 /ZB /log:"d:\Robocopy-D.log" /tee
robocopy E:\ G:\APOLLO2\E-DRIVE /mir /copyall /dcopy:T /R:1 /W:5 /MT:8 /ZB /log:"e:\Robocopy-E.log" /tee

Now I want to clean up everything in G:\APOLLO2 and remove it....however anytime I try to use rd /s or del /s I'm seeing.

G:\APOLLO2>rd /s /q C-DRIVE
C-DRIVE\SYSTEM~1\REMOTE~1 - Access is denied.
C-DRIVE\SYSTEM~1\SRM - Access is denied.

.Trash-0\expunged\133334~1\APPLIC~1\APPLIC~1\APPLIC~1\APPLIC~1\APPLIC~1\APPLIC~\APPLIC~1\MICROS~1\WINDOW~1\MSScan\WelcomeScan.jpg - Access is denied.
.Trash-0\expunged\133334~1\APPLIC~1\APPLIC~1\APPLIC~1\APPLIC~1\APPLIC~1\APPLIC~\APPLIC~1\PACKAG~1\{743FC~1.231\packages\VISUAL~1 - The directory is not empty.

Permissions are for Administrators FULL and Also owned by Administrators - Its the only ID on the box.

I'm at a loss - I REALLY don't want to format the disk there's 3+ TB Of other data I needed out there.

Thanks in advance.
George R. Kasica
George R. Kasica
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Travis MartinezSmoke JumperCommented:
Try another robocopy to delete the folder by mirroring an empty one:

robocopy C:\Temp G:\APOLLO2\C-DRIVE\SYSTEM~1\ /MIR /R:3 /MT:8

That should clear out the directory, quickly and leave just the root to be removed.
George R. KasicaSr. Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. What changes should I make to robocopy to avoid this in the future? Though now I have a “fix” in any case.
Travis MartinezSmoke JumperCommented:
To be fair brother I'm not sure which switch did it; however, the following "/copyall /dcopy:T" isn't needed because of the /MIR option.  It will copy/keep all of the file attributes without specifying those two you have in the command line.
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