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We have been having issues with a Sophos web appliance box and the support team there recommend we configure our local DNS servers to return a TXT record on the first lookup:

dig +short txt _kerberos.example.co.uk
Should return just "example.co.uk"  
My knowledge in DNS is bit limited, so i wanted to know how i can configure our DNS servers to return the first lookup internally to example.co.uk and not dig +short txt _kerberos.example.co.uk?

We run the DNS off a MS server 2012.
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dns is by default designed for host to ip resolution
it cannot resolve to TXT unless query set to TXT
Also it cannot resolve TXT to domain name as far as I know unless u do major customization, in fact I don,t think it's possible
DrDave242Principal Support Engineer

Can you provide some more detail on exactly what the Sophos people are looking for and, more importantly, why? That sounds like a very strange request, and I agree with Mahesh: a TXT record will only be returned if that specific query type is sent.
i have fixed this myself. For those who might come across a same issue, i fixed it by added a  _kerberos txt file in my DNS zone and the value for the txt to return the domain example.co.uk


I fixed the issue myself

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