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how to set up DMARC for my email domain
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Justin EvansConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you will also need to have the TXT record on your internal DNS where the mailserver resides.
Justin EvansCommented:
First of all you need to set up a TXT record in DNS,  in the TXT file you will need the following

V=DMARC1 ; p=reject; fo=1; rf=afrf ; pct =100

where rua= a mailbox for DMARC reports.  

I suggest speaking to the company where you registered your DNS records to confirm with them the settings needed for DMARC,  but that should definitely get you started.

kind regards

pramod1Author Commented:
so this should not be on proofpoint gateway but on external DNS SERVER
pramod1Author Commented:
WE need for whole domain and not e mail address.


so what should we write:
V=DMARC1 ; p=reject; fo=1; rf=afrf ; pct =100??
Justin EvansCommented:
this should be on your external DNS,  the example should be your mail domain i.e
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