powershell interfaceindex new-netroute

Powershell to check -interfaceindex number put it into a variable then use the variable to apply static routes with new-netroute.

i have been looking at get-netipinterface and can display the info i need in the ifindex column i am however unsure how to get it into a variable and then use that to apply the static route.

with something like this New-NetRoute -DestinationPrefix "" -InterfaceIndex "variable" -NextHop

PS C:\Users\Adam> Get-NetIPInterface "work"

ifIndex InterfaceAlias                  AddressFamily NlMtu(Bytes) InterfaceMetric Dhcp     ConnectionState PolicyStore
------- --------------                  ------------- ------------ --------------- ----     --------------- -----------
47      Work                            IPv4                  1400              35 Disabled Connected       ActiveStore
Adam FlookSenior Technical Services EngineerAsked:
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Like that, for example:
$IfAlias = 'Work'
If ($IfIndex = Get-NetIPInterface -InterfaceAlias $IfAlias -AddressFamily IPv4 | Select-Object -ExpandProperty ifIndex) {
	Write-Host "Network interface '$($IfAlias)' found at index $($IfIndex)."
	New-NetRoute -DestinationPrefix "" -InterfaceIndex $IfIndex -NextHop
} Else {
	Write-Error "Network interface '$($IfAlias)' not found!"

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Adam FlookSenior Technical Services EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hi exactly like that thanks
Adam FlookSenior Technical Services EngineerAuthor Commented:
works exactly as needed
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