Mouse Bouncing Around

We have a user with a Surface Pro 4 that will be working away and then another program will open or it will go to Task View. Before that happens, it's not like you can see the mouse move over to that spot and then it opens, it just all of a sudden happens. She did have a wireless keyboard/mouse so I hooked up a wired mouse to make sure there was no interference and it still happened. I've run a number of scans to make sure there is no malware and it hasn't found anything. Any other suggestions?
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Is the lid closed or open? I have seen funny things happening to mouse cursors on some touchscreen devices, when the lid was closed (and an external screen was in use), actually, just what you describe. Open the lid.

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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Because the surface is a capacitive touch screen device, it is susceptible to "grime" and can register phantom touches.  This is particularly notorious when there is a touch or type cover that is closed, but can happen when open as well.

Clean the screen. Clean the inside of any cover/case/etc that might come in contact with the screen.  Don't use materials that may register as a touch as covers or cases.
itgolferAuthor Commented:
The screen on the Surface is closed and she's using an External monitor. I'll open the screen to make sure it's not something on the touchpad.
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Not on the touchpad, but on the touchscreen.
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
Also Disable touchscreen and check if that helps.

itgolferAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone. Looks like there might have been some dust or something on the cover or touch pad. I had her leave the cover open for a few days and it didn't happen again. I gave it a good cleaning and she's had it shut for a few days and we're still not seeing the issue.
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