USB backup disks disappearing during Acronis backup


During Acronis backup 12.5 on PC Windows 10 x64 Pro version1709 the USB Adata HD710 1TB gets disconnected and disappears from Windows Explorer. It started out of nowhere and only for image backups but now it does it even for file level backup - it does it at random stages. USB backup disks are formatted with NTFS as the files can get quite big. We have the latest bios and drivers. We have the latest Acronis backup software. I tried the same on another Windows 10 laptop and it did the same but it was different laptop and different Adata disk with different cable but same model usb. I contacted Acronis support but they keep blaming my machine but it worked for so long. At the moment no antivirus (but Windows Defender is running) and minimal startup items although we have necessary software running. Backup runs at night starting at 11pm when there is nobody onsite. Tasks in task scheduler are disabled.

Do you have any ideas what could be checked why suddenly the usb backup disk disappears from Windows Explorer?

Tom SkowyrskiAsked:
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here the Adata tools :
otherwise, contact them with your problem
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Is this drive externally powered? If not use a powered USB hub.
Another question, are you imaging date from this drive or to this drive? Will it re-appear again when the backup is finished?
If it disappears go to Windows Disk Management and see if the drive is actually there but without drive letter.

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Tom SkowyrskiAuthor Commented:
It is portable USB drive - no external power supply.

When it disappears, it comes back within a minute or two in the Computer. The problem is that the backup fails and does not wait for the device to come back online.

I will check wheter it disappears from Windows Disk Management completely and come back to you.

I installed previous version of Acronis Backujp 11.7 and it works fine.

SSD tools do not detect that drive as it has normal 2.5" hdd in there.
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still try a POWERED USB hub - it 's the usb port (usb2) that often cannot supply enough power !
from your comment "When it disappears, it comes back within a minute or two in the Computer. " it seems to be on the limit
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Or new Acronis version locks the drive for write operations when taking VSS snapshot of the data. But yes, please first try powerred usb hub. If it wont work then the problem is in the way acrnois takes snapshots.
Tom SkowyrskiAuthor Commented:
The usb externally powered hub worked fine. Acronis changed the way it does backups in version 12.5 as it tries to do it as fast as possible and version 11.7 still works fine.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Thanks for feedback!
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