Dual CPU socket 2066 Mobo

I'm trying to find a socket 2066 mobo with support for 2 CPUs. I've looked all over and cant find anything. Any suggestions?
Michael ButtonSales AssociateAsked:
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Colin_UKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Michael,

Are you sure they exist? What CPU is it for?
As far as I can tell Intel uses the LGA2066 assignment for Workstation CPU's. Even the Xeon that has been bought out in 2066 is the Xeon 'W' (Workstation edition).

Generally PC manufacturers don't make 2-way boards for the PC/Workstation market.
I feel your best approach would be to contact some mobo manufacturers and see if they have any plans for 2-way 2066 boards. My guess is not (not yet anyway, if the Xeon W gets popular and used in servers then things change). But also note the Xeon W is NOT compatible with standard 2066 mobo's as it requires the specific Xeon chipset.

Michael ButtonSales AssociateAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Colin. That's what I'm going to have to do then.
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