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executable binary to shell script

How to convert executable binary to shell script
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Scott Silva
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It can be done, in a fashion... You basically uuencode the binary and embed the encoded text at the end of the script. Then the script has to uudecode that text back into a binary...
Or do you mean that you have an exexutable binary, and you want to replace it with a shell script? If so, the answer is probably no, unless you know exactly what the binary does, and what it does is replaceable by a series of linux commands.

If you want help with this, you'll have to provide a _lot_ more information about the binary.
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Funny that the accepted solution isn't what the question was...
Mine actually converts a binary to a shell script...
But whatever...
Doubly amusing, as the scriptlet I posted was the answer I needed, rather than the answer to the question I'd asked in