Can you suggest a YouTube video that explains how to use Messenger?

Can someone suggest a YouTube video that explains how to use Messenger? Not too much detail is required. What the video must include:
* How to install (if needed) Messenger
* How to sent text and or files using Messenger

Thank you!
Elton BrownAsked:
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Elton BrownAuthor Commented:
Here is a set of YouTube videos that shows the basics as to use Facebook
Facebook for Beginners Part 1 of 3 – thru 3 of 3
Part 1 of 3 -
Part 2 of 3 -
Part 3 of 3 -
These videos are short they are about 3 min each.
Justin EvansCommented:
Facebook Messenger Tutorial

Kind Regards

Elton BrownAuthor Commented:
Thank you, Justin, for your suggestion. The folks I am supporting are a no-nonsense group so when Dana wants to show how to apply stickers, that would be an immediate turn-off. All they want to do is learn how to get into messenger do whatever it is they want to do and get off.
Elton BrownAuthor Commented:
The suggestion given was not acceptable.
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