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Calculating a $ "Swing", (eg., scenario "A" vs "B" $ difference)

I'm asking for a formula to calculate the $ difference (swing) between different $ scenarios.

A specific example is what is the swing between not renting a house (-$700/month) vs renting monthly (+$1000/month) for a swing of $1700.  Other examples exist such as not renting (-$700) and renting on Airbnb (+200) for a $900 swing, or partial renting ($-700 vs -$100) for a $600 swing.

General examples of this are the difference between:

two negative numbers (eg., -$300 vs -$1000) = $700 swing

Mixed positive and negative (e.g., -$300 vs +$1000)= $1300 swing

two positive numbers (e.g., +$300 vs +1000)= $700 swing

Thank you!!
John H
John H
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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
For those three examples a simple deduction gets the quoted results:

   A             B            C
-300         -1000      =B1-A1     -700
-300          1000      =B2-A2     1300
300           1000      =B3-A3       700

John HGeneral TinkererAuthor Commented:
Simple -  (which kinda shows how poor my math skills are :)

Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
Basic rule of maths "A number minus a negative gives positive" so Minus -300 is same as plus 300
John HGeneral TinkererAuthor Commented:
Copy that.  I think kids these days learn that by 7th grade :)
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