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Bar Chart (Urgent!)

Hi everyone, so I have a bar chart that is date (x-axis) by hours (y-axis), and for each date there are two bars (based on data from Column C and Column D). So I want to make it so that the chart automatically updates everytime I enter a new set of data for column C and D, and everytime the new set of bars appear in the chart they have values on top of them. So if I have 5 set of data (C1:C5, and D1:D5), only C5 and D5 bars have values on them. And if there is C6 and D6 then the values on C5 and D5 bars will disappear and instead the C6 and D6 bars will have values on them in the chart. Finally if the value for any bar is 0, then no value will be shown on that bar. Any insight on how to make macro for this? Thanks a ton!
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