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I have a server with Win 2016 server. There is a mail server in it. It is  one big partition which is around 2 TB.
My questions:
1)      Can I create a virtual machine in this server without conflict?
2)      If yes, how maximum (roughly) virtual machines which I can create here?

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Justin EvansCommented:
This is quite an open ended question,  

first of all can I ask if the Mail server is running through Hyper-V if so,  yes you can create a new VM but you will get a performance hit on memory, disk IO,  and CPU.   These are the limitations of having VM's running at the same time,  also make sure that you give your new VM a different IP address to avoid IP conflicts.  

your second question depends as stated before on how much memory and what CPU you have as well as your Disk controllers for Disk IO and how much space you allocate to the VM.

Kind Regards

tjieAuthor Commented:
@ Justin: The mail server is not on Hyper - V
Cliff GaliherCommented:
I would not run aVM in that scenario. When vietuakizing, all applications should be discreet VMs. Since the mail server is not a VM, it shouldn't host other VMs. Mixing hosting duties either other apps always ends badly. Always.
Justin EvansCommented:
ok,  so the Mail Server is built on the Windows 2016 Server,  then it depends on how much memory your Exchange server is using to how much memory you can allocate to Hyper-V.  Really you don't want to use the Windows 2016 server for anything else as this will have a massive performance hit on the mail server.  Ideally keep hyper-v separate to mail.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Running Hyper-V on a server that ALREADY does something (like a mail server, file server, domain controller, database server, etc) is unwise (and I'm being polite phrasing it that way).  Don't do it.

If you get a new server, how many VMs you can run on it depends on what the VMs are doing, running, and how resources are allocated.  If you boot each VM from a single ISO (like a live linux distribution), you could have hundreds, perhaps thousands of VMs running simultaneously - *IF* you have enough RAM.

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