Office365 Hybrid - Autodiscover CNAME error o.O

Hello guys and girls :-)
My Office365 Domain DNS checker at Office 365 Admin Portal the Exchange online session shows a AUTODISCOVER cname dns issue:

DNS needed:
DNS find:


With Google DIG toolbox and DNS the results are the same: CNAME:

My external DNS provider reported that there is no such dns entry "" in external dns. Where is this coming from? Anybody know?  ('-' )
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adrecalAuthor Commented:
Hi guys.
The error is:

CNAME: autodiscover PTR:

The correct is:

CNAME: autodiscover PTR: (look at point after
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
"" is not a valid CNAME or A record value for O365.

You will need to update or add your DNS CNAME or A record for autodiscover ("") so that the target is ""
adrecalAuthor Commented:
Todd Did you read my question? I know it is wrong, but I do not know where this wrong record comes from since my external dns provider said that I did not have this wrong record.
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
Have you used to review your public DNS records?

My guess is that if you don't have control of being able to manually change your public DNS records, the DNS host input something incorrectly.
adrecalAuthor Commented:
After hours and hours and hours I founded this article:
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