I see one mailbox database  tier1 in mounted state on 1 mbx server but it shows as continuous replication failed as db copy on another mailbox server

we have DAG exchange 2010

can I suspend mailbox database and resume or I cannot suspend mailbox database copy if it is mounted
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Sudheesh SurendranConnect With a Mentor System analystCommented:
You can suspend the database copy and resume to reseeding the changes.


You can remove the Database copy and re-add the Database copy.
pramod1Author Commented:
I did but the D drive is full  and I can see  only 3 gb file where as it shows filled 0 bytes free
pramod1Author Commented:
I don't know where to free files as d drive shows full
pramod1Author Commented:
I see only 3 gb files and folders , is it being consumed by another DAg member
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