Install/Connect a pc to a network printer via IP and connecting it quickly.

I need to walk around and manually install a network printer on about 20 classroom pcs.
I go into "devices and printers => Add a printer => Add a local printer => Create a new port =>Standard TCPIP Port  => Type IP Address => Install the Printer Driver => Use the Driver that is currently installed (recommended) => type a printer name => Do Not Share This printer => You have successfully added  the XXXXX printer (Check box  Set as Default printer)

This is a small non-profit so I have no help desk to reach out to.

Is there any easy way to automate at least SOME OF These steps so that I can get it done more quickly?  Right now I walk around to each of the 20 pc's and do this.
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Fred MarshallConnect With a Mentor PrincipalCommented:
You didn't say if this is a peer-to-peer network or if there's a server.  The answers depend on that.  I assumed peer-to-peer.

You also didn't tell us the operating system so most folks will think Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro I should think.... is that right?

You also didn't tell us how often this printer installation has to occur....  :-)

I can't finish this right now but Google for "powershell install printer".
Then, either you have to walk around but have a quicker way or you can remote in to run a powershell script.
I'll get back with that if you like...
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
It may seem off-topic but if you have remote access to each of the PCs then you can work on many at a time without walking around - from your own workstation.
Andy BartkiewiczNetwork AnalystCommented:
Use a print server
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Depends on how your network is laid out. Do you have a server? If so, install the printer as a TCP/IP printer to the server, and share it. Then you can use GPO to deploy the printer to systems on the network. Alternatively to GPO, you actually could have a patch file run commands to do the installation silently when users login. However, I would still tell you GPO is the smarter approach.
dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Possibly Autoit

Don't know if it works on Windows 10.  You'd create a binary file of Autoit commands and take that with you to each computer and run it.

I don't know if there'd be a time saving in creating the Autoit file and using that or going around to each machine and individually adjusting as you've stated.
brothertruffle880Author Commented:
Everyone:  I don't mind walking around to all the pc's individually.  I do mind having to go through all the screens.  That's what I was trying to save time on.
Hi Andy:  I have no admin privileges so I can set up a print server.
Hi Masnrock: I don't know what GPO is and 2) I"m not an admin so my capabilities are limited. I'm a low-level volunteer.
HI Fred Marshall:  Yup. it's windows 10 and I have to do this once a week when I teach a class. I will check out powershell install printer.
Hi dbrunton: I will look into autoit .
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