Excel ODC/ODBC Relative Path

I connect Excel to an Access database via ODBC with connection information stored in DSN file. I would like to modify the connection string to use the relative path. Thoughts

<html xmlns:o="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"

<meta http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/x-ms-odc; charset=utf-8">
<meta name=ProgId content=ODC.Table>
<meta name=SourceType content=OLEDB>
<meta name=Catalog content="U:\QIC DEMO REPORTING\QIC Demo Reporting.accdb">
<meta name=Table content=tblConsolidatedHistory>
<title>QIC Demo Reporting.accdb tblConsolidatedHistory</title>
<xml id=docprops><o:DocumentProperties
  <o:Name>QIC Demo Reporting.accdb tblConsolidatedHistory</o:Name>
</xml><xml id=msodc><odc:OfficeDataConnection
  <odc:Connection odc:Type="OLEDB">
   <odc:ConnectionString>Provider=MSDASQL.1;Persist Security Info=True;Extended Properties=&quot;DSN=QIC Demo Reporting;DBQ=U:\QIC DEMO REPORTING\QIC Demo Reporting.accdb;DriverId=25;FIL=MS Access;MaxBufferSize=2048;PageTimeout=5;&quot;;Initial Catalog=U:\QIC DEMO REPORTING\QIC Demo Reporting.accdb</odc:ConnectionString>
   <odc:CommandText>`U:\QIC DEMO REPORTING\QIC Demo Reporting.accdb`.`tblConsolidatedHistory`</odc:CommandText>
  <odc:Connection odc:Type="ODBC">
   <odc:ConnectionString>DSN=QIC Demo Reporting;DBQ=U:\QIC DEMO REPORTING\QIC Demo Reporting.accdb;DriverId=25;FIL=MS Access;MaxBufferSize=2048;PageTimeout=5;</odc:ConnectionString>
   <odc:CommandText>SELECT * FROM `U:\QIC DEMO REPORTING\QIC Demo Reporting.accdb`.`tblConsolidatedHistory`</odc:CommandText>
    behavior: url(dataconn.htc);

<body onload='init()' scroll=no leftmargin=0 topmargin=0 rightmargin=0 style='border: 0px'>
<table style='border: solid 1px threedface; height: 100%; width: 100%' cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 width='100%'> 
    <td id=tdName style='font-family:arial; font-size:medium; padding: 3px; background-color: threedface'> 
     <td id=tdTableDropdown style='padding: 3px; background-color: threedface; vertical-align: top; padding-bottom: 3px'>

    <td id=tdDesc colspan='2' style='border-bottom: 1px threedshadow solid; font-family: Arial; font-size: 1pt; padding: 2px; background-color: threedface'>

    <td colspan='2' style='height: 100%; padding-bottom: 4px; border-top: 1px threedhighlight solid;'> 
      <div id='pt' style='height: 100%' class='ODCDataSource'></div> 

<script language='javascript'> 

function init() { 
  var sName, sDescription; 
  var i, j; 
  try { 
    sName = unescape(location.href) 
    i = sName.lastIndexOf(".") 
    if (i>=0) { sName = sName.substring(1, i); } 
    i = sName.lastIndexOf("/") 
    if (i>=0) { sName = sName.substring(i+1, sName.length); } 

    document.title = sName; 
    document.getElementById("tdName").innerText = sName; 

    sDescription = document.getElementById("docprops").innerHTML; 
    i = sDescription.indexOf("escription>") 
    if (i>=0) { j = sDescription.indexOf("escription>", i + 11); } 

    if (i>=0 && j >= 0) { 
      j = sDescription.lastIndexOf("</", j); 

      if (j>=0) { 
          sDescription = sDescription.substring(i+11, j); 
        if (sDescription != "") { 
          document.getElementById("tdDesc").innerHTML = sDescription; 
  catch(e) { 



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If you are having a problem because of different drive mapping, use::

Othewise, you would have to change the connection strings on the fly since they can't be relative.
crystal (strive4peace) - Microsoft MVP, AccessRemote Training and ProgrammingCommented:
adding on to Pat's comment ...

the connection string must be absolute, but you can store a relative path and use a function to return the first part to build the connecting strings.

In those cases, I like to store the relative path starting with \ and have a function to return the first part of the path based on settings or user specifications.

Once a DSN file is used to connect, Access doesn't read it again -- but of course the tabledef connect property can be changed by iterating

have an awesome day,

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shieldscoAuthor Commented:
crystal (strive4peace) - Microsoft MVP, AccessRemote Training and ProgrammingCommented:
you're welcome ~ happy to help
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