Crucial DDR4 - 2 x 8 GB Dual Rank or 16 GB DR for T470?


In order to make use of dual channel, planning to remove the 4 GB Single Rank DDR4 that comes with my T470 and wondering if I should get 2 x 8 GB dual rank modules or the 16 GB module which would ensure this investment of $180 doesn't go to waste if I intend to decide to get one more 16 GB module in a couple of years down the line.

Is there any advantage over getting the 2 x 8 GB sticks?

Any thoughts would be great. Thank you. This forum has been extremely helpful. Thanks to everyone. ☺👍
So which one would you prefer:
Kavit GunasAsked:
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
wondering if I should get 2 x 8 GB dual rank modules

DDR4 has a split mode in some systems where it can be run with unmatched pairs, e.g., one 4 GB and one 8 GB module where the first 4 GB of both runs in paired mode at higher speed (if there is a common access mode possible between the two) and the last 4 GB of the 8 GB module runs at reduced speed.

Given the choice, however, 2 matched modules will always run faster than one even if the motherboard supports one module operation.

if I intend to decide to get one more 16 GB module in a couple of years down the line.

You'd probably end up buying two 16 GB modules and not one, because paired memory should be as close as possible to exactly identical modules.  Again, some motherboards will support split mode across non-matching modules, but two 16 GB modules running split mode would be considerably slower than 2 matched 16 GB modules.

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>>   if I intend to decide to get one more 16 GB module in a couple of years    <<  if they still sell the same
i would either buy 1 or 2 now  - and not consider buying more later
Kavit GunasAuthor Commented:
Decided to get the 16 GB dual rank! :) Thank you both for taking the time to write!!

And sorry to respond back so late, Dr. Klahn and nobus! Wasn't sure if I would keep the laptop or not. :(
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>>  Wasn't sure if I would keep the laptop or not.  <<   what problems do you have?  it should run fine, even with 4 Gb and an SSD
Kavit GunasAuthor Commented:
Good question, nobus.. Please refer to this question when you have a moment. Thank you.
is the ssd already installed?  that should wipe your questions  - even without upgrading the ram
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