As/400 RUNRMTCMD (cwbrxd.exe)

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Hi Experts,

I have to start a remote job from As/400 using RUNRMTCMD, to run a program on a Windows 2012 server.
On some other servers  the program cwbrxd.exe is running, but this 2012 server has "Access Client Solutions" installed, so the cwbrxd.exe is no longer available.

I am aware that this cwbrxd.exe is a security risk, but is there an replacement for this service?
Or do I take an other direction to solve this?
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cwbrxd (rexecd service) is insecure, and IBM deprecated it.  No replacement is provided in IBM i ACS, and probably won't be since rexecd is inherently insecure.


1) Find and load another Windows rexecd service compatible with the version of Windows you are using, and continue using RUNRMTCMD from IBM i.  I think this is a poor choice from a security perspective, but if you have no choice and must support RUNRMTCMD, it is an alternative.

2) Install an sshd server.  For Windows 10, Microsoft has a bundled version of OpenSSH sshd server available, and it appears to be compatible with Windows 2012, though I haven't personally installed it on anything but Windows 10.

You can then use the QSH or PASE "ssh" command to remotely execute commands on Windows.

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