increase call quality on google hangouts

windows 10 laptop
I have a quick wifi connection. I do not want to plug into the router.

Sometimes google hangouts / google voice has low call quality.
instead of hearing a word. I can not understand one word in every sentence because there is a robot noise

I looked up downloading hangouts for windows 10 but can not find

Is there any way to increase call quality or is that server side (google)?
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Doug WaltonDatabase AdministratorCommented:
It could be a couple things.  If you have this problem with everyone you call on google hangouts, it is probably your connection being too slow to get HD quality.  If it's the same person everytime, they might need a higher quality webcam/microphone or a better connection.  Sometimes if the webcam is too far away it can have trouble focusing and capturing noise, but the robot noise you mention sounds like there's a slow connection somewhere.

Google is generally pretty quick, so most likely it's your connection or theirs that is the problem.  I know you don't want to do a hardwired connection, but it could be worth testing it out to verify it's not something interfering with your wifi.

Also if the person you're calling is really far away (America to Australia) it could be general internet lag, which you can't do much about.
A lot of it leans on the quality of the internet connections of those in the conversation, along with the distances between those in the conversation. There is really no way to tweak on your end.
rgb192Author Commented:
Sometimes if the webcam is too far away it can have trouble focusing and capturing noise,
only using audio not video
and making phone calls to real numerical phone numbers
I am in front of computer because cord to headset is short
(America to Australia)
america to america

quality of the internet connections of those in the conversation
very quick internet connection
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It's weird. I don't know who their carriers are, but I have had issues for the last 2 years at least. I literally quit using Hangouts for anything outside of IMs. I would even use Facebook video chat over Hangouts. Skype is far better of course.
Doug WaltonDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Yeah sounds like the issue is with google's hangout/phone service being slow and dropping packets every once in a while.  Nothing you can really do about that on your end.  I'd try out Skype like masnrock said above.
rgb192Author Commented:
so the noise is a packet being dropped?
The noise is related to a poor connection or even latency, which is probably tied to Google servers being a middleman. I think if you use mobile devices it does try to allow direct connections whenever possible. Whatever the architecture is behind Hangouts requires a ton of work. Skype and Whatsapp are much more reliable choices for video.

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rgb192Author Commented:
Thanks for call information
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