Scrum verification step: project backlog or sprint?

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We adopted a very basic Scrum-like project management system to help us through a multi-month software platform transition we are doing. We have a SharePoint list to hold the Project Backlog (Epics) and a physical whiteboard (To Do, Doing, Done) to display the stories for each Sprint.

A question/disagreement came up about the location of a verification step, which we want to add. The project manager wanted it added in the Project Backlog and I took the position that it should be included in each Sprint as the Backlog is just for reference, not for process.

Simple question: where should the Verify step go: Backlog or Sprint?
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Enrique RodriguezProduct Manager @ Experts Exchange
I would put it in your sprint (To Do, Doing, Verify, Done)
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To elaborate on Enrique's comment a bit,

Generally the verification step would go in the sprint. If things need to be released at the end of the sprint then the verification would need to happen before the release.

If things aren't released at the end of the sprint (maybe they're sent to an integration branch, maybe they sit on dev for a while) then it is possible to save things for verification later, in which case a backlog item might make sense.

Sometimes things need to be verified on production after release. In that case it would make sense to have a backlog verification item so that you don't forget to verify them.

Either way, there is usually SOME verification done during the sprint, regardless of if there is a backlog item or not.


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