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Fujitsu RAID manager crashing and inaccessible

Hey  there

We have a clients server (Fujitsu Primergy TX2560 M2) and we are trying to access RAID manager however it is crashing whenever we try to log in (see attached screenshot)

Things I have tried:
- Upgrading RAID manager to the latest (8.5.6)
- downgrading RAID manager to latest available from Fujitsu (8.3.6)
- downgraded Java from latest to v7u79 and v6u45
- accessing the RAID manager from another server where local RAID manager works (aka their client / java access is fine)
- accessed the host by IP, hostname and 'localhost'

Last time we know it worked was mid september 2017

Where can I go from here?
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8/22/2022 - Mon