Windows date & Time not sync from server

Hi Team,
        In my office we have a more than 30 machines (windows 7 ultimate) running with our domain server.So date and time automatically sync from the server. But some machine date & time not sync from our server (windows server 2008 r2). What is the issue?can you please suggest the idea for server date & time automatically sync to all our client machines.

        Please send your suggestion ASAP.
Tamilarasu PAsked:
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Tamilarasu PAuthor Commented:
Date & time synced using server DNS.thanks for your response
how much time difference you are getting?

is this the only 2008 r2 domain controller you have? or you have DCs at other places as well?

also is this sever virtual or physical?
are the systems in question that do not sync to the server, are they memebers (joined) to the domain or standalone?

Only systems joined to the domain will be set by GPO to synchronize with the AD. Other systems not-joined to the domain will need to be configured using w32tm to synchronize with either the DC and/or an external source such as

there was at a point a d4.exe app that would keep the system's clock synchronized...including adjusting based on calculated drift.

as mahesh asked, identifying what you are seeing to determine what needs to be done.
Tamilarasu PAuthor Commented:
issue resolved by myself
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