How do i assign Azure built-in roles?

Probably a no-brainer :)
Is the only way that i can assign An Azure built-in role to a user is using PS or Cli? I cannot see any options in the portal and likewise I can't view a list of built-in roles through the portal.
Thanks all.
Jason ThomasAsked:
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Guy LidbetterCommented:
Hi There,

go to Azure Active directory on the left hand blade > Users and Groups > All Users
Select the User and on the left hand blade under the user overview is "Directory Role". This is where you assign "User, Global Administrator or Limited Administrator" Roles.

If you are talking about the more granular RBAC permissions, you will assign those in "Access Control (IAM)" located on the overview of the specific resource.

have  a look through here for more detail: Manage Access Permissions with RBAC
Jason ThomasAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delayed response. I completely missed your reply and only seen now when I got reminder from EE :)  Thanks again
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