Kiosk Punch in and out

Looking for  a solution were we can have multiple users sign in  and out   by using  a kiosk or by way of tablet on the wall- I heard  Dr`s you this-
You strat to type your name and it auto-populates users names. Plus pull reports.

We want to track users by way of a database for time in timeout showing  picture too?

Any ideas?
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masnrockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As pointed out, that is a time and attendance system.

There are a ton of solutions out there for what you might like, depends on your needs and requirements. Here is one where photos come into play:
Bill BachPresidentCommented:
It sounds like you are looking for a basic time & attendance system.  There are many of these solutions commercially available (some with fingerprint scanners or palm scanners to improve security and speed data entry time), and quite a few simple ones available for free via open source.  Without knowing all of the specific needs and feature sets of each solution, I'd recommend just starting with a web search of "open source time clock" or "open source time and attendance" and going through the results that come back.  Obviously, the open source ones can easily be downloaded and tested, so you can see exactly how they work before you commit to one.
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