Creating a link by combining Data


I am trying to find a way to dynamically create a external link for tracking. Here is what I want to do.

I have a list of shipments that are all sent via FedEx. I have the default link for FedEx on Sheet 2 Cell B2. The link is

After the equal sign I need the tracking number

On Sheet 1 I have my list and n column D I have the tracking number.

I would like to combine the static information in Sheet2 B2 with the information in column D so that in Column E the result would be the word Track which would be a link to track the shipment.

Can this be done with a simple formula or do I need to use a VBScript?

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Sorry, just realised you wanted a hyperlink.  You can use this to create the hyperlink you require:

=HYPERLINK(Sheet2!A2&Sheet1!A1, "Track")

You can use a simple formula :


Where Sheet2!A2 is where the Fedex Address is and Sheet1!A1 is the link on your Sheet1
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