SonicWALL TZ600 router VPN without having licenses or subscriptions

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Is it possible to setup and establish VPN connections to a SonicWALL TZ600 router without having to purchase special licenses or subscriptions?

I have a client who has a SonicWALL TZ600 router that currently doesn't have any licenses or subscriptions purchased and we are wondering if we can setup and establish any VPN connections to this router.
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there is one free license comes with appliance you can check in the license... as well...if i am not mistaken..

whch you can use for SSl/global vpn client configuration

but you can create site to site vpn without any license..

all the best
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If you're talking VPN in the context of users connecting, then the answer is there are only 2 licenses included. Anything beyond that requires a purchase. VPN tunnels do not require licenses.

If you don't want to buy VPN licenses, then you will need to have your own VPN server inside the firewall. Something like OpenVPN or SoftEther.
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Hi Knowledgeable,

To further breakdown what @masnrock said, your SonicWALL comes with the following at no charge:
C2S (Client-to-Site) VPNs
• IPSec VPN Clients: 2; you can purchase up to 25 max.
• SSL-VPN Clients (includes NetExtender, & MobileConnect): 2; you can purchase up to 200 max.

S2S (Site-to-Site) VPN Tunnels your device can handle is 50 and as @masnrock said there is no licensing structure with this so all is included.

Let me know if you have any other questions!
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What are the differences between these different types of VPNs?  (1) IPSec VPN Clients, (2) SSL-VPN Clients (includes NetExtender, & (3) MobileConnect), and S2S (Site-to-Site) VPN Tunnels.
I thought netextender and mobile connect were the same?
Blue Street TechLast Knight
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What are the differences between these different types of VPNs?  (1) IPSec VPN Clients,
The only IPSec VPN client made by SonicWALL is the GVC (Global VPN Client).
(2) SSL-VPN Clients (includes NetExtender, & MobileConnect),
NetExtender is an SSL-VPN client for Windows, Linux & Mac. MobileConnect is an SSL-VPN client for smartphones Android, iOS, etc.
(3) and S2S (Site-to-Site) VPN Tunnels.
This is an IPSec VPN used exclusively to connect sites typically from firewall to firewall.

I answered your question by changing the groupings because MobileConnect is a part of SSL-VPN too.

Does that make sense?
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Other than one comment, I would've given you the same answer as BST. Basically, 1 and 2 are different approaches to the same idea: remote access to a network for an individual, biggest different behind the transporting protocol (IPSec vs SSL). S2S is for linking together remote locations, and IPSec is the protocol suite that gets used.

The one portion I thought was worth citing my difference:
These are GVC and S2S VPNs.
Given that you asked about IPSec clients, I would advise ignoring the portion about S2S here. While IPSec is the same protocol suite used for S2S VPNs, it's just not worthy of mentioning in this particular context.

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