A flat Heating Pad that charges and warms your food

Shahrayz Shaukat
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I am developning a heating pad which should be water resistant and it should charge. the shape of the heading pad should be flat and circle. I am developing this heating pad for warming food plates. Kindly enlighten me which technology I can use to make a portable heating pad
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
Resistive heating.
>>> "I am developning a heating pad .... enlighten me which technology I can use" <<<

Usually "inventors" start out with the science or technology and then think about how they can harness or use it to create useful things.  There are obviously times when people think of things that are missing from their lives and then start doing research into what technology they could use to develop that thing, but in these cases the "inventors" usually have some kind of idea before starting out.

It sounds to me as though you haven't really got very far with your thoughts about how your portable plate warming pads could actually work.  I realise that you probably don't want to tell us too much about what ideas you have had so far in case one of us steals the idea and gets a patent, but perhaps if you gave us some idea of what ideas you have dismissed and what ones you have decided might work we may be able to discuss the feasibility of them.

For example, to be "portable", the device must be able to:

  1. Retain an electrical charge and release it by creating electrical resistance.  A home brewing heat belt that plugs into mains electricity works this way, but is not portable.  Have you considered how much battery capacity and power would be required to produce the desired amount of heat by creating electrical resistance?  You might be able to use the Samsung 7 Note as a reference ;-)
  2. Retain heat that has already been passed to it by radiation or conduction.  Have you researched what materials retain heat better than others?
  3. Cause a chemical reaction that produces heat.  There are already emergency hand warmers that comprise a flexible bag.  When bent or pressed, one chemical stored in a container inside the bag is released into, and reacts with, the chemical in the main bag.  The reaction releases heat as a by product.  Have you researched what temeratures could be achieved safely using similar technology?

You really need to do some research into this before saying that you are "developing" something and asking such a vague question.  It sounds as though what you really mean is "I am thinking about developing".
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

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