Does anyone know what causes a vertical black line on the paper while printing?

Hi all,

does anyone know what can cause this on a Dell H625cdw printer:

AgrippaSenior IT ConsultantAsked:
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As the lines are in black only, it cannot be the fuser or any other component that serves for all colours.

In your printer the drum and toner cartridges are separate. I would be very surprised if the toner was causing this problem. Hence my money is on the black drum. It is rated at 50,000 pages so, if the printer has not done too many pages, Dell may replace it under warranty. If they don't, it' s part number is MJN86 sku 593-BBPF. Dell sell it for $39.99 so it's not too expensive.

I would start by removing the black drum and have a look at it. Instructions are in the User Manual, starting on pg 334. You will probably see marks on it on one side. If there is something stuck to it, you can try cleaning it wih pure isopropyl alcohol, but make sure you do not scratch it. Also, do not keep it in bright light for more than a few minutes, and close the printer while the drum is out..
Probably toner drum.  May need replacing or cleaning.  Refer to printer manual BEFORE doing anything (like trying to clean drum).
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
As dbrunton says.  This particular one looks like someone tried to unjam paper and pulled it through the toner module without disengaging the rollers.  This scratches the very soft surface of the drum or belt.  Unfortunately there's no fix for that except another drum or belt.

Side note:  When replacing said drum or belt, inspect all rollers that contact it very carefully.  If those rollers are contaminated with broken bits of metal or photoconductor, the problem will come right back.
AgrippaSenior IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thank you all
Thanks for the points Agrippa, but please tell us where the problem was.
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