What is the best Python code for a platform game level?


In my game, I'd like a platform segment, and a proper dungeon Python data structure.
Is it simply a 1200x400 grid of tiles / terrain blocks,
or do coders also like to do placing of terrain features x,y with x_length and y_length?

How would I do an optimal  grid in Python for this, best?

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I'm not developing games so perhaps better to listen to somebody else's recommendation.

In general it depends on whether you want to keep all the tiles in memory or whether you want to load only the tiles and all the neighborhood information at a time.

Next question is, how much information you want to store per tile.

If you just want to keep the tile type and a few flags for each tile in memory for all types, then you might look at python arrays.
They are quite memory efficient: https://docs.python.org/2/library/array.html

For more complex values and especially if your tiles contain a lot of information (same for each tile)  (that require a lot of memory)  you might consider ctypes:


import ctypes
from ctypes import c_int, c_char, Structure, sizeof

class Tile(Structure):
    _fields_ = [
        ("name", c_char * 8),
        ("val", c_int),

TileRow = Tile * 1200
TileArray = TileRow * 400

array = TileArray()

print("an array element requires %d bytes of memory" % sizeof(array[0][0]))
print("an array row requires %d bytes of memory" % sizeof(array[0]))
print("array requires %d bytes of memory" % sizeof(array))

array[0][0].name = "topleft"
array[0][0].val = -1
array[399][1199].name = "btmright"
array[0][0].val = 1

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