email queuing in android

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I am  writing send-mail program in android. it is working OK.
but in case, if we have problem in connecting smtp server or it might bounce back for some other reason..
(My question here  is )
if the sent mail is bounced back for some reason, how to judge inside the android code for the smtp errors and retry sending it later...
several times or for specified tries till it reaches the receiver..
Can any  one  share the code for  queuing emails.. and handling smttp errors. etc.
Thanks in advance
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hm. there are a lot of open source samples:

pine (or derivatives),  thunderbird  ( all MUA  mail user agents )
qmail, exim, postgres, sendmail  (all mta's)  that could be setup of listening to localhost and forward to a smarthost.

It mostly revolves about storing the file in some directory and starting a timer to retry sending the file again.

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