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I have a client that needs to delete two transaction expenses from a program called Cuncur. His employer does not give delete rights. Is there a way that this can be done?
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That would be an issue that needs to be sorted out with the appropriate party at the client's employer. There's no way to delete something if one does not have access to do so. Have him contact whoever is in charge of Concur from his employer, since they are the ones who would've handled granting (or not granting) rights.
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If deleting is not allowed, the employee can try and change the 2 expense claims by changing the amount to $1 for example. If proof has been added (scans of receipts) it may well be possible that those can't be deleted.

It's customary in such cases that the employee contacts the (expense) approver, informs that person that a mistake was made and request deleting or not approving those expenses.

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