Cisco 3750

i have two Cisco 3750 staked, i have two servers that contain two virtual machine v1-ip:  v2-ip:
i want to make the server connected to both switches so when the first one going down the server will not disconnect. can i do it ? what i have to do ? and what is the requirments
i want to have 2vlan for server ? do i have to get a router or i can do it on the same switch ?
could you please give me some links about the setup that is related to my case ?
Amin El-ZeinAsked:
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You need to understand that if 2 switches are stacked, switches act like one logical device.
You did not say how did you configured server. If it is Windows server, in the case of connecting server to one switch (an if switches are stacked if is considered to by one switch), server NICs should be configured in “Switch Dependent Mode”. In that case you can configure LACP on switch and on server.
If you want to have 2 VLANs on server on switch port-channel (LACP) should be configured as Trunk.It is recommended to manually filter VLANs on trunk to permit only VLANs that are in use on server. Additionally, port should be configured with spanning tree portfast trunk command.
Olgierd UngehojerSenior Network AdministratorCommented:
You can also configure Teaming on server with stand by NIC connected to second switch.
Amin El-ZeinAuthor Commented:
regaring the teaming on server side i have vsphare so i will teaming on it.
but on switch side what the configuration i should do it  any link to help me . the switches are stacked
do i have to get a router ?
When switch are stacked those are 2 or more physical switch, but it is actually 1 logical unit (so you just have 1 switch there). You can connect cables to different physical devices (for link redundancy - if one of devices has problems one link can still be active), but those are still 1 logical device.
Generally switch configuration for LACP (example - ports Gi1/0/1 and Gi2/0/1 bundled in port-channel, and only vlan 100 and vlan 200 enabled on trunk port):

default interface range gi1/0/1 , gi2/0/1
interface range gi1/0/1 , gi2/0/1
 swichport mode trunk
 channel-group 1 mode active
 spanning-tree portfast trunk
 switchport mode trunk allowed vlans 100,200
 channel-group 1 mode active

Server also need to be configured for LACP if on switch side LACP is configured.
Do you need active-active network connection from the server or just High availability like active-standby? IF its active-active; it would be LACP which would need configuration on both the server and the switch to support it.

If its active-standby, you can just configure on the server to support it. There is no need for configuration on the switch side. For which one to choose, this will depend on the business needs and how critical is convergence. LACP is nice to make use but if the stack switch stack cable for some reasons breaks apart (Rarely) there will be traffic interruption.

For active-standby; it doesn't utilize the maximum available bandwidth but its simple to setup and maintain.
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