How to copy a custom folder columns to another folder in Windows 10

We have a media folder with a specific set of columns needed by the user to work with in other new folders the user is creating.  Below is the media folder with the custom columns needed to be copy over to a series of folders the users need:

custom folders view
or for better view of custom columns to copy over:

custom 2
Can this be done? What is  the best way in going about it?
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The options are there for every folder, are you trying to set this for all folders.

These columns are neighter exclusive nor unavailable.

The user can set these options on each folder once, or set it for all folders.
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Not to all folders, just specific folders.  The user know he can go about adding  columns one by one, all the 14+ columns to the desired folders, but he wants to know if there is a way to just copy his main media or music folders columns setup to specific folders desired.
Use this folder to create a folder template, then use this template in the desired folders.

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rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Re-read the link.  The template is only as per template config (that is, general items, documents, pictures, music and videos).  None provide to set a template with the 14 columns I need.
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
What I am trying to accomplish is copy the users specific folder setup with the 14 additional viewing column to another folder in any part of the drive.

For  now I only see te tedious task of doing this folder by folder, adding the 14 columns.

Is there any way to copy the setup?
You either go and make these changes one by one, or you apply these settings to all similar type folders.

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rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Prior placing the question, one-by-one is the way we are doing it, we were looking for for a better way of doing it (it;s a tedious task since its lots of folders and various computers).  Applying to all folders, is out of the questions since these computers have 1 to 3 users working with them.
what is the significance of the display?

See the following with images that guides on how to create a template from the existing folder.
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
The users needs the additional 14 columns as presented in my question.

The link you provided we have tried that prior placing the question.  If we change to "Music" it only displays the columnas: Name, #, Title, Contributing artist and Album.

The users need the 14 columns as in our question:

custom folders view 3
(hope I am transferring what we are trying to accomplish)
Select a type of folder with which you would associate the other fourteen to the one you apply the settings and the others in the same category will have the same display.

folder A, reference folder, set it as though it is a document folder and not a general items folder.
Set the settings and apply the settings to the Documents type folders. then go to each of the 14, select properties, change it to Documents type and apply the template.
is there something common to these folders, i.e. this is a music, video folder?
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
just audio.

When you say "you would associate the other fourteen" are your referring to folders?  If do, the "fourteen" are fourteen columns in the user media folders.

Did I get you right? You are referring to 14 folders instead of columns?
You can set the view by closing it while holding down the control.
I am not sure what your situation is.
Are you having an issue after selecting the view, that it is not maintained for the specific folder? Or are these settings need to be replicated to other folders.
The folders are within the same folder, under folder properties, the parent, you can tick the box to apply these settings to all the folders below this one...
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Yes, replicated but to specific folders, not all folders -  that is what we are trying to accomplish.
(we tried the box to apply these settings to all the folders below this one but doesn't propagate the settings)
Lets try this, you have an audio folder with folders below it.
getting the properties of the folder , making sure it is also selected as a music and then ticking the box does not reflect the same settings?
You may have to toggle from musing to general files back to music to have the apply button available ....
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
You were correct, it toggled it.

Also, reading your entries did find ID: 42457634 where you say "or you apply these settings to all similar type folders.".  Just finish trying that and it did.  All music folder has the same setup.

This is more than sufficient!

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