Switch from Release Engineer to Software Engineer

Hi, I have 3 years of experience in Release Engineer and Software Engineer,

As I have less work for release management so I request for software development work to manager and got some work parallely. Now I am doing both Release as well as software development work in AngularJS, C#, WCF, MySQL, ASP.NET MVC etc. but my designation is "Release Engineer" . Now I want to switch to software engineer to different organization with this experience.

So is it possible? or how it should be done?

Please Help.

Yogesh PatilAsked:
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Take training courses in development --> in C#, SQL, Angular, etc. Whatever you want to develop in.

Looks like Java development is in so you might want to train yourself in Java.

Maybe do some side projects to gain experience OR ask to help on projects at your current job.

Apply for junior or mid level positions, depending on salary you're looking for.
Yogesh PatilAuthor Commented:
Thanks Camillia, It looks very helpful to me.
Good luck.
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