Searching problem in Outlook

Strange Searching issue in Outlook.

One of our clients regularly emails a customer with the surname "Button".

When searching for the word "Button" in Outlook it returns many irrelevant results. We had the same problem with the word "French" but we found that the word existed in the email attachments of, what looked like, irrelevant results on the surface.

The word "Button" does not exist in the email body, subject or attachments of most of the results returned.

I did some more testing with the word "Button". Emails were returned with no attachments and the word "Button" is not in the email. I forwarded one of the returned results to myself but it did not have "Button" in the message header either.

I have proven the following so far:

-This happens in and out of cached Exchange Mode (a re-index had already been tried but this proves that indexing is not the problem)
-This happens after an index rebuild.
-This happens in two different Outlook clients, at two different locations, in two different versions of Outlook (2010, 2016)
-This happens when searching an exported pst and not just the mailbox (proving that this isn't an Exchange Issue)
-The word is not present in the message body, attachments or email header
-This issue occurs on other users machines

Using advanced find I found that the word "Button" was being returned in the Frequently used field "Message" and no other fields. Yet, when opened the search results, I could not see the word highlighted.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Bill PrewCommented:
I'd say it's likely the text "button" appears in the HTML body of the message, as HTML code rather than text, so you won't see it displayed.  For example I looked at an email that showed and in the HTML body I saw:


Save an email off as HTML and then look at it and search for button.

Justin EvansCommented:
what version of Microsoft Exchange are you running?  what cumulative patch are you on? ,  is the mail system in a Hybrid configuration?  

-This happens in two different Outlook clients, at two different locations, in two different versions of Outlook (2010, 2016)

Is this external and internal clients that experience this problem?  from both locations?  

These questions will help us in being able to troubleshoot.
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
Did you choose to search All mailboxes when searching?
File -> Outlook Options -> Search -> All mailboxes
Also update Windows Search.
Disable all add-ins.
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Girish RTeam Lead, Mobile Solutions, FingentCommented:
File->Outlook Options -> Search ->Indexing Options -> Advanced ->Rebuild.
Hope it is helpful. Now, try searching for "Button".
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
How about aliasing the client to something like "Butt0n" so that you can easily search him without the problem of common word
Bill PrewCommented:
You could also reduce the scope of where to look for "button" to the address fields only.

CT08Author Commented:
Bill - you're a genius.

I viewed the HTML sources of emails returned in the "button" results and they all had "twit button small" in the source code. I found that all the returned email results had the twitter button shortcut in them all. This would explain why this issue occurred for different people, as the twitter icon is part of the customers signature.

Some other emails had the twitter icon but didn't have "button" in the source code. There must be a reason why this source code shows up for some emails but not others. May be when an email chain includes a mixture of rich text/html emails. I'm not going to spend any time on figuring this out though, we know what was causing the issue so we can work around it now.

I will suggest that they use advanced find in future to only look for key words in the subject or body instead.

Thanks for your quick response!
Bill PrewCommented:
Welcome, glad that helped.

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