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Question No. 1:-  How to change SQL Queries result to Text File and ExcelFile. and vice-versa. ?
Question No. 2:- how to change  SQL Queries result to XML and  vice-versa. ?
Varun GaurAsked:
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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
This is a huge question because there are so many different ways to achieve your results.

The XML can be/is a bit more involved....

A lot will depend on how experienced / comfortable you are with T-SQL

But as a starting guide :

1) Copy results to output in SSMS :
2) using import/export wizard
3) rowset functions :
4) BCP utility :
5) Sqlcmd utility :
6) LinkedServers :
7) XML Data :

And more...  Including following all the links in the above. It is a big topic.

And, when you become more proficient with T-SQL, then you start to "roll-your-own" solutions with code.

Google can be your best friend in this type on investigation / learning curve.

I would suggest you read and take notes, follow example etc. The rise a question on a topic where you need help to understand / clarify / get errors.

Mark Wills
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