update IBM MQ

I have an AIX 6.1.9 version, I need to update IBM WebShere MQ.

Now I have version, which version can I get as an update?

Operationally what operations do I have to do to upgrade?
Dario VercelliSystem administratorAsked:
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HonorGodConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
Title: IBM Support - Software lifecycle
  URL: https://www.IBM.com/software/support/lifecycle/

  Search for "WebSphere MQ" (without quotes).
Sent # entries / page = 100

WebSphere 6.0 for AIX went out of support on 09/30/2012
WebSphere 7.0         went out of support on 09/30/2015
WebSphere 7.1         went out of support on 09/30/2017
WebSphere 7.5         goes out of support on 04/30/2018

No End of support date has been announced for either:
WebSphere 8.0 or
WebSphere 9.0

Title: WebSphere / IBM MQ Migration Guide
Dario VercelliSystem administratorAuthor Commented:
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