Unable to rebuild HP 8200 Desktop

Client has a number of HP Compaq 8200 Elite Ultra-Slim Desktop PCs. All 4 years old and therefore out of 3 year warranty with HP. Client also has a set of recovery DVD's for that system (64bit Win 7 SP1 - which is what the PCs came with pre-installed and is what the OEM Sticker on each one is for). Batch of 5 8200's, we have just upgraded the SSD drives in them to larger drives.

The first four, using the System Recovery DVDs and everything works fine. Last one and when we boot of the boot disk we get:
BIOS is the same, Everything I can think of is the same. Serial numbers are almost next to each other.

Baking my noodle why it worked on the other four and not this one!

Any ideas?

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Mark GalvinManaging Director / Principal ConsultantAsked:
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William FulksConnect With a Mentor Systems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
You could try cloning the drive from one of the working machines, then put it in that one. That may get you around the issue and get it working again.
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
This error can occur due to the following conditions:

•Using the wrong recovery discs, such as those that were created or ordered for another computer.

•The hard disk drive on your computer was replaced. If the hard drive was replaced, download CyberLink Recovery Discs utility, a software program that resolves an issue when recovery discs sent from HP do not work on a new hard drive. To download and install the program, refer to the CyberLink Recovery Discs Utility page.

•The motherboard on your computer was replaced with a motherboard that is not the same replacement part. If so, a new operating system must be installed or the motherboard must be replaced with the same type of motherboard that originally came with the computer.

Sometimes the "System recovery discs do not support this computer" error message appears on desktop computers which are using discs with the wrong Software Build ID number. Make sure you have the correct recovery discs by following these steps:

1.Get the Software Build ID number for your desktop computer:

•For computers still able to open into Windows, press CTRL + ALT + S.

The HP Support Information window opens.

Figure 1: HP Support Information window, with the Software Build number highlighted
•For computers which cannot open into Windows, look on the bottom of your computer for a sticker with the Software Build ID number.

Figure 2: Sticker with the Software Build ID highlighted
2.Compare the Software Build number to the build number on the recovery discs, and do the following:

•If the Software Build number matches the number on your recovery discs and the recovery still fails with this error, the computer needs to be serviced by HP before it can be recovered. Contact HP to have your computer serviced.

•If the number on the recovery discs is not the same as the Software Build number, obtain the correct recovery discs. For more information, refer to Obtaining HP Recovery Discs or an HP USB Recovery Drive.

Read More from source Article on HP Support.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You should be able to contact HP Support directly and order recovery DVD's for a small fee. That is what we do with out of warranty Lenovo machines.
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Ramin, your link to cyberlink recovery brings me to the HP support page??
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
Your link to cyberlink recovery brings me to the HP support page

Enter your HP product name and click on Find.  now click on utility tools.
i put in the  Compaq 8200 Elite Ultra-Slim Desktop but it still keeps me on the hp support page ?
William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Glad my idea worked! Sometimes you have to get creative with the workarounds.
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