Exchang 2010 Sending But Not Recieving after new SSL Certificate.

Hi there,

I am brand new to Experts Exchange today and I would like to personally say hello to everyone.

A client of mine has a SBS 2011 Server running Exchange 2010. They are having an issue with emails sending but they are not receiving Internally or externally. They had an expired SSL Certificate for remote."Their Domain".com

I thought that was the issue. But after renewing SSL with GoDaddy and implementing Certificate they are still only able to send emails and not receive.

What would be my first point of contact to try and resolve the issue. Any help is greatly appreciated as always. If anyone is even able to come online and remotely log in and sort the issue for me I would be more than willing to pay for your time. Is this something experts exchange offers ?

Andrew MagowanOwner @ BITSNIAsked:
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MAS (MVE)Connect With a Mentor Technical Department HeadCommented:
Hi Andrew,
Couple of things to check.
Please make sure you have  enough free space in ur exchange drive.
Ensure your antivirus not stopping your transport service or stopping/holding SMTP traffic in server.
Check for related events in Eventviewer.
Sunil ChauhanExpertise in Exchange Server, Office 365 & Powershell ScriptingCommented:
hi andrew,

please make sure that you have also updated the cert for your mail getaways.
Valentina PerezExchange ServersCommented:
Hi Andrew,

Did you renew the certificate via Exchange Management Console or via MMC?

When you send an email,it remains in the drafts?

They do not receive emails in OWA neither Outlook?
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Scott CConnect With a Mentor Senior Systems EnginerCommented:
Agree with the disk space comment.  What MAS is talking about is called "back pressure".  Exchange will stop incoming mail if the sever is low on diskspace so that the server won't crash.
MAS (MVE)Technical Department HeadCommented:
Hi Andrew
Please make sure you have internet receive connector enabled and Anonymous permission ticked.
Restart Transport service and please try.

IvanConnect With a Mentor System EngineerCommented:

how did you implement that new certificate. Did you use Windows SBS Console  and -Fix my network- wizard or have you done it manually?
Run that wizard and see if that helps.

MAS (MVE)Technical Department HeadCommented:
Enough information to confirm answer.
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