Programmatically Traversing an Access Report

I have a very long report. To help combat the length, I've added pseudo-collapse functionality such that when you double click a Group Header, the Group Header below it collapses or expands (really, i'm just toggling it's Visible property). This works all well and good except for one thing, if the header i double click is any header other than the very first record, the header i double click gets thrown out of view because once all of the sub-headers are expanded, it pushes the one i was looking at way down on my form. What can i do about this? i've tried:

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but couldn't get it to work. And even if it did work, i'm not sure how i would specify which particular header to scroll to. Is this a lost cause? Am i on the right track? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Philipe AvelarAsked:
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Rather than controlling a large report which can be clunky and slow, why not add a combo or two to the form that runs the report and filter the report first?
Philipe AvelarAuthor Commented:
Thank you for taking some time to answer my question.
i agree with your advice and i actually already have that in place. The data i'm handling is for a medium sized local company. Even with filters in place, a permanent "expanded" view is just too much for the eyes to comprehend. When collapsed, it displays running totals. When expanded, it breaks down the totals into more exact categories.
This is a situation where I would use Report view and create a summary report.  Then I would add drill down buttons which will work ONLY when the report is opened in Report View and add code in them to open a more detailed report.  Depending on how many levels you have, you might want two or three drill downs.  This still allows you to go directly to the detail report if necessary.  It means making several separate reports but it eliminates all the code you are fighting with because all you end up with is OpenReport actions in click events that pass where arguments to the next level down.

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Philipe AvelarAuthor Commented:
This definitely seems like the correct way to go. Thank you, PatHartman.
You're welcome.  If it makes sense, you could  have multiple buttons on each row.  You just have to make sure that the lower level reports have proper grouping to handle wider selection options.
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