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How to rearrange a large group of pictures in an excel file via VBA?

I have a spreadsheet with a list of over 100 names in column A.  There is a picture next to each name.  I need to rearrange the names and pictures horizontally.  The names is easy enough, but is there a way to transpose the pictures? I did find some code that I posted below that can move the pictures, but I’m not sure if it can be modified to meet my needs.

Sub AlignMultipleShapes()
'PURPOSE: Align each shape in user's selection (first shape selected stays put)
'SOURCE: www.TheSpreadsheetGuru.com/the-code-vault

Dim Shp1 As Shape
Dim Shp2 As Shape
Dim x As Integer
Dim y As Integer

'Count How Many Shapes Are Selected
  x = Windows(1).Selection.ShapeRange.Count

'Loop Through each selected Shape (align with first selected)
  For y = 1 To x
    If Shp1 Is Nothing Then
      Set Shp1 = Windows(1).Selection.ShapeRange(y)
      Set Shp2 = Windows(1).Selection.ShapeRange(y)
        'Align Left
          Shp2.Left = Shp1.Left
        'Align Right
          Shp2.Left = Shp1.Left + (Shp1.Width - Shp2.Width)
        'Align Top
          Shp2.Top = Shp1.Top
        'Align Bottom
          Shp2.Top = Shp1.Top + (Shp1.Height - Shp2.Height)
        'Align Middle (Horizontal Center)
          Shp2.Top = Shp1.Top + ((Shp1.Height - Shp2.Height) / 2)
        'Align Center (Vertical Center)
          Shp2.Left = Shp1.Left + ((Shp1.Width - Shp2.Width) / 2)
      End If
  Next y

End Sub

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