global address list doesnt work

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I have a global address list. When i click on address book go to tools-->options--> when sending email check email addresses in the following order.
The options are
1) start with global address list
2) start with contact folders
3) custom

when opening the address book, show the following list first - choose automatically is selected

The problem is that "start with global address list" doesn't work. I have to make it work. is there anything i can do via power shell that can solve this. Currently the users have custom and global address list is the first with suggested contacts in second and the rest follow. this works. We using exchange 2010 with outlook 2010. What can i do at server level to fix this issue. We dont want to goto individual users. approx 2000 users
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Pete LongTechnical Consultant

Can you see the global address list if you log into Outlook web access and attempt to send an email?

Things missing from Outlook tend to be a result of the Offline address Book rather than the Global address list;
see the following article (ignore the title just work though it)
Senior Technical Consultant
  • Is your AutoDiscover function works for all users?
This is a reference on how to check Autodiscover function from outlook and other possible issue
  • Do you have Proxy server configured in Internet browser for Internet access on user desktops?
If yes, you need add your Autodiscover URL to proxy bypass list
Member_2_6474242Systems Administrator


Hi Pete

I have checked that article and everything seems to be ok
Member_2_6474242Systems Administrator



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