SIP and SCN configuration on the same WAN port

IP OFFICE SYS 1 and IP Office SYS 2 configured for Resilience with SCN route on the WAN port connection of IP500 V2 units at Release 9.0We need to add SIP Trunks to take the place of the PRI Trunks. There would be 46 SIP Trunk Voice channels on each IP Office System to replace the PRI Circuits. That is we are adding SIP Trunks for other than SCN Use. These will be
SIP Trunks to replace the PRI circuits and used for connection to the outside world for calls into and out of the IP Office Systems. Does anyone know of a reason that this configuration will not work. Are there any known problems using the WAN port for both SCN Channels and ALSO SIP Voice channels to the outside world?
Clarence FlemingPresidentAsked:
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