c#, date time custom format

in c# how can get the datetime format like below?

yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
The default strftime converts a struct tm object to custom textual representation, but it cannot produce fractional seconds.


In this case, the format would be "%F %T"

If the fractional seconds are mandatory, then alternate methods are needed.  See the page below and the code examples below that:


The current local time

#include "tz.h"
#include <iostream>

    std::cout << date::make_zoned(date::current_zone(),
                                  std::chrono::system_clock::now()) << '\n';

system_clock::now() of course gets the current time. It is a de facto standard that this current time is measured in terms of Unix Time which is a very close approximation to UTC. make_zoned pairs the current UTC time with the computer's current local time zone, producing a zoned_time. The zoned_time has a streaming operator so you can easily print it out:

2016-07-05 23:01:05.818378 EDT

Note that the precision of this output is with whatever precision your system_clock::now() supports (microseconds on macOS where I'm writing this).

The current time somewhere else

#include "tz.h"
#include <iostream>

    std::cout << date::make_zoned("Asia/Shanghai",
                                  std::chrono::system_clock::now()) << '\n';

This outputs the current time in Shanghai, for example:

2016-07-06 11:01:05.818378 CST

All IANA timezone names (or links -- aliases to timezones) are supported.

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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
String s = dt.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff");


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Pallavi GodseSr. Digital Marketing ExecutiveCommented:
Please try the following string:

String.Format("{0:u}", dt);  // "2008-03-09 16:05:07Z"            UniversalSortableDateTime

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