Re-using the same server name after a failed uninstall Exchange 2013

I recently had a failed Exchange 2013 uninstall on a standalone CAS server called #3. The failed uninstall in turn refused to re-install so I was stuck between a rock and a hard place so to speak.

After long hours of coming to a decision on how to proceed i plucked it out of AD using ADSIedit.msc. If you are curious I only removed the problem server from Servers inside of Configuration for our main DC.

Now, life is good. No issues, exchange is very happy.

My question is this, I need to reinstall exchange on this Gen10 server, can i re-use the same problem server name or will i have issues?

This is what i did to remove it entirely. I feel like im forgetting something else i did but i do remember doing all of these.

Removed from all Exchange Member of groups. Trusted System etc.
Removed from Servers list in ADSIedit
Botched uninstall which removed about half of exchange.

or should i name this CAS4 and move on with my life?

Exchange 2013 on premise
4 standalone mailbox servers
3 standaolne cas servers, the new one im speaking about above will replace #2 CAS server eventually.
Windows 2012 Std
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
>>Removed from Servers list in ADSIedit

Where? under the Exchange ORG? If yes then I would keep the same name

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ryanrusty30Author Commented:
Here is the exact location Pete. Also, thank you for your response.

Services\Microsoft Exchange\ExchangeOrganizationName\AdministrativeGroups\RelatedOrganizationGroup\Servers

I removed the problem server from the list, right click Delete
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
There should not be any issues if you decide to re-use the previous server name.

The only questions I have are... 1) Why aren't you implementing multi-role servers when Microsoft recommends it?; 2) What benefit do you feel you gain when all client-access requests are proxied to the Mailbox role with Exchange 2013 and 2016?

I'm not trying to criticize or say what you are doing is wrong.  I'm just trying to understand your design decision.
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Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroCEO Faru Bonon IT - EE Solution ExpertCommented:
I'd just name it CAS4 and move on with your life.
Either way, if you removed it from the ADSI you can re-use the same name you wanted initially.
ryanrusty30Author Commented:
Thank you all, thank you Jose.

Hi Todd,

Quick overview - We have two sites so they each have a CAS server and 2 mailbox servers. Databases are split between both sites so in case of MBX failure only half a dept is down. We utilize 2 DAGS.

I understand why you are questioning standalone roles for all because why not just stack CAS onto a mailbox role so that role can talk directly to the mailboxes on the same server.

Now let me tell you why i love our setup. Two weeks ago i get a call at 9:30pm, Hey Ryan we just got done moving power and we tried to turn your CAS server back on but it has a Red Light. Long story short that CAS servers motherboard was fried. VRAM fail.

My environment was still fully operational even with this catastrophic issue because  I was able to move the mailboxes to the other site using a quick DB move PS command and i simply let that cas server handle them while i brought back the CAS server from the dead.

Now, If that server was also a mailbox role then i would of had 50% of the company down while i tried to figure out how to resuscitate the multi-role server.

Please note I am a novice admin at best and trying to learn more about the beast that is Exchange.

Take care!
Todd NelsonSystems EngineerCommented:
Thanks for sharing, ryanrusty30.
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