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I just want to compare 3 columns in an excel spreadsheet and have items not included in both list in a thrid column

I have a very simple excel spreadsheet. One side has servers we are backing up, the other is just a list of servers we have some are backed up and in the list others are not being backed up. I just want a 3rd column of servers that are not in both lists or servers I know we are not backing up. This should be a simple excel calculation but I need a refresher course. Please help me out. I even attached a copy if that makes it easier. I am using excel 2016
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Ryan ChongCommented:
i guess you mean to find an item in a list?

if yes, then you can try use Match function in this case.

see if attached is what you want?
Thor2923Author Commented:
that will work fine and will give me a nice report to show tomorrow, but how did you do it??!!
Thor2923Author Commented:
I really just needed to the second part of it but more is good
Ryan ChongCommented:
i'm applying formula such as:

=IF(ISNUMBER(MATCH(A2,C:C,0)),"Found", "Not Found")

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MATCH function will look for a matched index for what you're trying to match, in this case, I'm trying to see if A2 can be found within range: C:C (column C), the MATCH function will return an index.

Excel MATCH Function

the ISNUMBER function will determine if the returned value of MATCH function is valid, if something is not found, MATCH function will return with #N/A, which apparently is not a number.

Excel ISNUMBER Function

so lastly, the IF function is to check a condition and return a custom value when needed

Excel IF Function

So, combined all these functions, it will find if lookup value of A2 exists in Column C, if yes then returned as "Found" else returned as "Not Found"

hope this clarifies
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