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Forcing TLS 1.2 to Communicate with Remote API

I just received this notification from MailChimp.

We strongly encourage any developers who are using the MailChimp API to ensure that their software supports negotiating TLS 1.2 connections, and to coordinate with their system administrators to update software to take advantage of newer TLS versions. In addition, we recommend proactively switching over to TLS 1.2 when communicating with MailChimp’s API by modifying your API client software to enforce TLS 1.2 negotiation.

I have written some code in PHP that makes an API call to MailChimp. I'm not sure how to tell or know if I am using TLS 1.2 to communicate with their API.

How does one make sure you are or find out what protocol you are using?
* tls/sslMailchimpPHPSSL / HTTPS

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