Xcopy - Not able to copy files via xcopy

Unable to copy files from one server to another server using xcopy command via JENKINS, but able to do from Command prompt. Below is command

 Running and copying in command prompt ---> C:\Windows\System32>xcopy /E /S /Y /R /H /I "\\DE01WSHYBAD01\Test1" "\\DE01WSHYBAI01\Test2"

Via Jenkins

d:\pstools\psservice -accepteula \\DE01WSHYBAD01 -u adm.min -p MaJa207!

c:\Windows\System32\xcopy /E /S /Y /R /H /I "\\DE01WSHYBAD01\Test1" "\\DE01WSHYBAI01\Test2"

Throwing error of Invalid drive specification!
Vikrant KambojAsked:
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Xcopy is frankly a relic from Windows 95 days and it's ... ummm ... "not as flexible or reliable as one might desire."  In this case I suspect that the old DOS command parser may be unable to deal with network shares that are not mounted as drive letters.

More reliable programs for copying large amounts of data are Unstoppable Copy or Microsoft Rich Copy (obsolescent).



However, you will still probably need to mount the network shares with drive letters.
Nico SCommented:
Maybe an account access issue, I can only give you an idea on a  Jenkins installed on Windows Server 2012r2 which the default account on the Jenkins service is the local system account(which don't have network access permission),

You can check it by going to Services-> Jenkins -> Properties -> Logon -> just input a domain account or local account with access to both servers. then restart service.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
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